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Introducing a new virtual online training service created for basketball players looking to work-hard and dedicate themselves to getting 1% better everyday.


By signing up for  RISE+ Virtual Training you get unlimited access to Coach Jules Montgomery via a dedicated cell phone number to text message, access to RISE+ on the HomeCourt app where coach Jules will post daily drills & workouts, in addition, you will have access to a library of 100+ on-demand skill development drills for players of all levels, while also being included in a community where you can share progress & challenge other members to get better all for JUST $19.99 PER MONTH. 



PRE-ORDER SALE: $14.99 / Month

Original Price: $19.99 / Month

  • Monthly subscription to RISE+ Virtual Training:.

**All pre-orders will be processed by December 31st, 2020.**


RISE+ Virtual Training Features

Dedicated Phone Number:

  • Unlimited access to Coach Jules Montgomery via a dedicated cell phone number to text message. You can ask coach Jules any related question or request a custom workout. Take advantage of having the experience & expertise of a former Division 1 & overseas professional turned pro skills trainer and youth basketball coach one text message away. 

Homecourt App:

  • RISE+ Virtual Training has partnered with the HomeCourt app to help any basketball player take their skills to the next level. The HomeCourt app provides on-demand and interactive drills that help build core skills such as as ball-handling, shooting, agility, and conditioning. The HomeCourt app also captures your performance and provides you with analytics based feedback.

Team Environment Community:

  • You get a team environment that includes other members of the RISE+ Virtual Training community that you can share progress, challenge, & chat with. This is a virtual space where ambitious athletes can connect and push each other to get better. 

Rewards Program:

  • All RISE+ Virtual Training members will enjoy a rewards program where free gear & apparel, can be earned when certain achievements are reached. 



"I liked the fact that I could do multipole workouts based on a certain skill and the main thing that I believe it helped me with as a player is hand eye coordination, my handles, and also my work ethic trying to beat the people that were getting better scores then me and the will to work harder then everyone else around me and in general. "

Damacio Carrasco - 8th Grade

"I liked that it taught you different ways to improve your ball handling and quickness. it helped me with dribbling lower and having more control of the ball."

Sierra Dixson - 10th Grade


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